Setting The Example

I believe we make the strongest impact through our actions, not by what we say.  I live this daily raising two amazing children with my awesome wife; I know that what I say  doesn't impact my children as much as what I do--I'm proud of the example I set and remain conscious of this model in all aspects of my life. 


A Leader With A Servant Heart

I have worked to make my home town, my parish, and my state better since I moved back home in 2003.  I learned quickly that change doesn't happen overnight, and it doesn't happen without a team effort.  I'm proud of my work leading the Chamber of Commerce and now the NCA--all the while managing, guiding, assisting, and inspiring volunteers, board members, staff, and stakeholders to believe in possibilities and take ownership of actions needed to make positive change.


Experienced and Trusted

I ran for BESE because I believe in our students, and in our collective  impact through education.  My experience working between educators and manufacturers illustrated the unfortunate and often unknown gap between these "worlds" and the power that lies in bringing people, entities, and organizations together as partners.   Though service on BESE, I have become a respected thought partner on matters of early childhood education, career and technical education, educator preparation, and school choice.